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Sparklers – ages 3-4

This class is for children 3-4 years old. Learning very basics of gymnastics. We also work on developing strong gross motor skills.

40 Minute Class – $38 per month

Starbursts – ages 4-6

This class is for children 4-6 years old, more skill development, there are no   prerequisite skills but the children must be mature enough handle the balance beam independently.

50 Minute Class – $42 per month


Super Stars – ages 4-6

Invite Only: prerequisite skills required. This class is for children who have mastered the skills learned in Starbursts class, but are not old enough to be practicing with pre-team.

75 Minute Class – $55 per month

Firecrackers –  Level 1 – ages 6 and up & 8 and up

No prerequisite skills required. Children will learn basic skills for floor, bars, beam and vault. We will also build strength and confidence in building new skills.

90 Minute Class – $57 per month

Rockets  – Level 2 – ages 7 and up

Invite only: prerequisite skills required to join this class. We will build more difficult skills on all apparatus as well as building more strength and endurance.

90 Minute Class – $57 Per month


Pre-Team and Team

Invite only: prerequisite skills required to join Pre-team or Team. We will build more difficult skills and work on routines that will be brought to competition. There is a monthly tuition cost, USAG Xcel membership dues once a year and team warm up and leotard cost. (Fundraising will be done to offset some of leotard, warm up and competition costs)

Pre-Team – 2.5 hour class – $75 per month

 Team – 5 hours weekly – $105 Per Month

Invite Only: Prerequisite skills required. There are also additional fees when on team. Main fees include USAG Xcel Membership, Team Leotard, Warm up, Grips and Competition Entry Fees. Our season is year round beginning August 1.


Beginning Tumbling – 7 and up

No prerequisites to join this class. Learning the basic tumbling skills and proper execution so we can add more difficult tumbling passes.

60 Minute class – $42 per month

~~Recreational Cheerleading, Stunting, Dance and Tumbling ~ 3rd – 6th Graders~~

This class is in conjunction with the Garnett Recreational Center. Students will learn cheers, sidelines, tumbling, stunting, jumps and dance. The cost includes a cheer uniform, poms, hair bow and briefs (uniform will not come with cheer shoes). They will be cheering for the Pop Warner football teams, and performing half time shows! Come join in the fun! Practices will be held at the Garnett Recreational Center. Cheer practice starts Saturday August 10th.

****Uniform fitting August 10th at the Rec center at our first practice.****

4 Hours per week plus games and performances


Private Lessons

30 Minute lesson – $15 per lesson

30 Minute lesson package – $52 for 4 lessons

60 Minute lesson – $30 per lesson

60 Minute lesson package – $105 for 4 lessons


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